LEt's Chaat

CHAAT, in Hindi, means “to lick.” Transport yourself across the country with an upscale menu that will cause you to savour every last morsel.

Inspired by India's Street Food Culture

In India, street food is an integral part of everyday life. From the back streets of New Delhi to the pavements of Mumbai to the bazaars of Kolkata, food stall vendors serve up tasty treats to satisfy the hunger pangs of office workers, school children and rickshaw wallahs.

The flavours and aromas meld with the hustle and bustle of the marketplace, as families, friends and new acquaintances gather over a shared love of good food and gossip. CHAAT is a tribute to the delicious street food favourites of India, elevated and reimagined for the restaurant table and served alongside the colourful and social atmosphere found in its much-loved bazaars.

Chaat Biryani
Chef Manav Tuli
Chef Manav Tuli

“Most people eat to live, but there are a few who live to eat”

-- these words, spoken by Chef Manav’s father, would instil in the boy an appreciation for good food that transformed into a passion for creating it.

Beginning his career in the southern state of Kerala, Manav discovered the food alchemy that takes place in the kitchens of luxury hotels across India and Mauritius. Opportunity knocked when Chef Manav was invited to work at London’s legendary Chutney Mary restaurant.

In less than a year he was promoted from sous chef to head chef and stayed for seven years. In 2019, Chef Manav had the chance to reopen the highly acclaimed Tamarind, one of London’s first Indian restaurants to receive the coveted Michelin Star. Chef Manav’s passion for sharing the flavourful dishes of his homeland comes through in each and every bite of his cooking.

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